Testimonial by Tiburón Golf Course

We felt the Durabunker option was a perfect fit here and we have hopes it will be a strong investment for many years to come. We are excited about the potential longevity in the Durabunker wall construction and sustainability of the sod wall look along with the opportunity to maintain Greg Norman’s design intent

During the initial stages of the project, the Durabunker staff suggested we raise the floors a little to create a slight rise and fall in the sand line. Greg Norman had concerns about some of the aging bunkers becoming a little over penal with flatter bases and steeper faces. The recommendation to slightly raise and soften some of the bunkers has worked really well and the bunker faces look fantastic, are less penal, however still pose the same intended visual intimidation

We are impressed with the results produced by the combined team of Durabunker and Southeastern Golf and look forward to continuing the project to completion

- Kirk Richmond, Director of Golf Course Maintenance, Tiburón Golf Course, Naples, FL, USA

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