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Durabunker is a patented geosynthetic bunker edge system that honours traditional aesthetics whilst transforming bunker maintenance, safeguarding design integrity and realizing significant cost and labour savings. Through the re-purposing of used synthetic turf and progressive construction methodologies, Durabunker offers unparalleled bunker edge stability and unrivalled longevity. The product has beeng adopted on 4 different continents and built at PGA, LPGA and Ryder Cup Venues. Durabunker represents a new standard in bunker edge performance.


Durabunker Ltd are specialists in the design, construction and maintenance of synthetic ‘sod wall’ or ‘revetted’ bunker edges. We offer a range of services to execute any type and size of bunker project. Working with leading architects such as Nicklaus Design, Greg Norman Design and Gill Hanse Design, and PGA, LPGA and Ryder Cup Venues we have built a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of bunker design and construction. Whether it’s renovation, restoration, re-modelling or new builds, we are ideally positioned to assist you in every aspect of your project.

Durabunker: Next Generation Bunker EdgingKey Benefits

  • Significant Cost and Labour Savings
  • Design Life 20+ Years
  • Resistant to Washout
  • Prevents Sand Contamination
  • Resistant to Extreme Heat and Freeze Thaw Cycles
  • Safeguards Design Integrity
  • Resistant to Burrowing Animals
  • Requires No Water
  • Environmentally Friendly, Built from 100% Re-cycled Material
  • Range of Design Styles

Durabunker: Next Generation Bunker EdgingWorking With Us

We recognize that each project and site is unique and as such will not recommend a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Several adaptations of Durabunker are available, we will walk you through the process of tailoring your project to represents best value and guarantee best results. Services we offer include:

  • Site Consultation
  • Site Investigation
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Master Planning
  • Bunker Design
  • Project Planning
  • Site Specific Solutions
  • Bunker Construction, Remodelling and Renovation
  • Installation Training
  • After Sales Support

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Durabunker at PGA Tour VenueThe First PGA Tour Event to Feature Synthetic Bunker Faces

Tiburón Golf Club at The Ritz Carlton Golf Resort, Naples, Florida is the host venue of the LPGA Tour Championships and PGA Tour Event, ‘The Franklin Templeton Shootout’. A Greg Norman Signature Design, the bunkers at this world class golf course were suffering with significant instability issues, the answer to which we were able to provide. Durabunker Ltd completed a bunker renovation at the venue in 2016 that ran over 2 Summers. Witness the transformation and watch some of the world’s best golfers do battle with Durabunker.

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Jack Nicklaus Signature Course:Banyon Cay Resort

Banyon Cay Resort, formerly a 36 hole complex, known as The Presidents Club, has undergone a complete redevelopment. A portion of the land on which the original 36 holes were built, was sold for real estate development, whilst the remaining holes of the original venue we demolished, being replaced by a new course Jack Nicklaus Signature Design . This drone footage, taken at the end of the ‘Grow In’ phase of the project, captures a glimpse of a Durabunker built in the heart of the green complex on the 12th hole, as designed by Mr Nicklaus himself, along with a some of the other Durabunkers built in the Summer of 2017. We are very grateful to have been trusted by the Nicklaus Design group to bring a small part of their vision to life on this Jack Nicklaus Signature Project.

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Jack Nicklaus Site Visitat Banyon Cay Resort

In the Summer of 2017 we travelled to West Palm Beach, Florida, to begin the installation of Durabunker on a Jack Nicklaus Signature Design, formerly known as the Presidents Club, but now renamed Banyon Cay Resort. We worked alongside and trained local contractors Ryan Golf on this project and following completion, a very special visit took place. The very first Durabunker built on this project can be seen at the start of the video being inspected by Mr Nicklaus and his representatives. An incredible honour and privilege to be a small part of this very significant project.

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Our Client Testimonials

The product has absolutely transformed our bunkers. They look incredible, so natural and totally in keeping with the golf course. Everyone to a man has been blown away by the results achieved through using Durabunker, I woud highly recommend building sod wall bunker faces or shallow edges using this method. The product and the company have performed...

- Andrew McClintock, Course Superintendent, Tennessee National Golf Course, Tennessee, USA

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As new owners at Strand GC we were looking to invest in the golf course and in particular, upgrade our bunkers which we felt were in particularly poor condition and added very little to the golf course visually. The Durabunker team took on the design element of the renovation as well as the construction of Durabunker itself. The design ideas they...

- Nick Potter, Owner, Strand Golf Club, Sweden

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I didn’t really have a clear idea of what I wanted to do on our 18th hole. I knew the bunkers needed renovating and re-modelling but was unsure as to what look and style we should go for. Rhydian visited site, shared some ideas with us and showed us some visuals. I loved the idea of rising sand faces meeting a rolling shallow edge and the results really...

- Alex Lowes, Head Greenkeeper, North Manchester Golf Club, England

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It was evident to me that the experience and knowledge Rhydian and the team brought to the project was first class. In fact everything was first class, from communication, logisitics, planning, material, design and execution. It was clear to me that these people really knew bunkers but it was the wider vision about how other aspects of the golf course...

- Carlos De Lineras, General Manager, Club De Golf Norba, Caceras, Spain

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The design ideas brought to the table by Durabunker have been fantastic, the new to the old is like night and day. The installation team were first class, exceptional and very knowledgeable. The product itself has performed fantastically for us and so has the liner supplied by Durabunker. We have continued the project under licence and have received site...

- Andy McEvoy, Course Manager, Coombe Wood Golf Club, England

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The construction skills demonstrated by the Durabunker team were exceptional. We certainly benefited from having them lead the project and I would recommend the team and the product to any club. They were a pleasure to work with.

In terms of the product, it is saving us a tremendous amount of time and looks fantastic. Although we’re a...

- Scott Gibson, Course Manager, St Enodoc Golf Course, Cornwall, UK

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The input on site from Durabunker was very valuable and the team led by Rhydian was able to interpret my ideas and produce the results we were all hoping for. The product itself enables designers to create ambitious bunker shapes that will remain as they were intended to look, without the concern of erosion or degradation, or indeed of leaving the golf...

- Pierre Fulke, Course Arhcitect, Pierre Fulke Design, Ryder Cup Player,

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It seemed like a good design solution; that got my attention, then we got involved with this new project in Colorado, where they wanted to go the revetted-bunker route. This seemed like the right solution for that environment, too.

- Steve Wenzloff, PGA Tour Design Services, PGA Tour,

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Once pricing was established, I did a financial analysis of Durabunker vs a standard natural grass sloped bunker. While initial costs are higher using Durabunker, cost of maintenance is greatly reduced due to zero mowing, zero fertilizing, pesticide applications, resodding, watering etc. Our ROI would be met within a matter of years.

Once the go...

- Damon DiGiorgio, Course Superintendent, Fieldstone Golf Course, Michigan, USA

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We specifically wanted the DURAbunker staff to lead the build, their experience, shaping skills and efficiency were critical to ensuring the results were what we wanted. They are one of the best teams we’ve had on site in all my years at the golf course and we will look to use them again for the remainder of the project.

- Neil Shawcross, Course Manager, Baden Hills Golf Course, Germany

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Tpc Colorado Hole 10 By Russell Kirk

DurabunkerWhy Invest?

We appreciate that Bunker Renovation projects and New Builds demand significant investment. We are able to work with you to tailor projects to your particular requirements. Whether that is an intensive build over several weeks, or a 5 year incremental model, we can work with you to finance and plan your project, showing return on investment through financial modelling.

Clients will testify that through sustainable bunker construction, using our synthetic bunker system, return on investment can be delivered over a short period when compared to the life design of our product. Hidden value such as labour savings, member satisfaction and improved course conditions due to diversion of staff time away from bunker maintenance, have helped convince clients on 4 different continents to invest in Durabunker.

We are confident that our product will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

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DurabunkerThe Complete Package


Durabunker shared design ideas that we all bought into. The synthetic bunker walls look unbelievable, the design and re-modelling work has  exceeded all our expectations.

Having one company offer design services, installation of liner and synthetic revetment was perfect for us. Everyone here has been blown away by the results.

Michael Mead, Course Manager, Littlehampton Golf Club, England.

Better Billy Bunker with Shallow Edge - Sittingbourne GC, England

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