DURALiner (Fabric Liner)

DuraLiner (Fabric Liner)

Our Woven Fabric liners are light weight, easy to install, highly robust and posses significant tensile strength with high level filtration rates. Jointing can be implemented through pegging or glueing Seams.

Venues to have used Durabunker with Duraliner (Fabric Liner) include:

  • Winter Hill GC
  • Grand Ducal GC
  • Coombe Wood GC
  • Maesteg GC
  • Dorking GC
  • Erlen GC
  • Lanhydrock GC
  • Lilleybrook GC
  • North Manchester GC
  • Oakdale GC
  • Padeswood & Buckley GC
  • The Monmouthsire GC
  • Pontnewydd GC
  • Southerness GC
  • Dyrham Park CC
  • Leicester City FC
Coombe Wood GC Fabric Liner & Durabunker Edge
Coombe Wood GC Fabric Liner & Durabunker Edge

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