Approved Installers

Durabunker Approved Installers:

We have worked with and trained a number of approved installers who are able to offer installation of Durabunker via contractor services. They include:

  • Groenservice BVBA (Belgium)
  • Mafer Golf (Spain)
  • DAR Golf (Ireland)
  • Golf Link Evolve (Ireland)
  • GolfDren (Eastern Europe)
  • Greenmakers by Nelson and Vechio (Scandinavia)
  • Sports Turf Solutions (S.E Asia)
  • Oliphant Companies Inc (USA)
  • OneGolf Inc (USA)
  • RyanGolf Inc (USA)
  • Heritage Links Inc (USA)
  • Landdir Inc (USA)
  • SouthEastern Golf (USA)
  • Total Turf Golf Services (USA)
  • TEHC Group (Singapore & Malaysia)
  • Shinwoo Greens (South Korea)


We continue to grow our business on an international basis through partnerships with key players in the golf industry. Likeminded companies with experience in product distribution or golf course construction and contractor experience are welcome to get in touch to discuss opportunities to work with us.

Distributors: Distributorships are available in a number of locations. Please contact us for further information.

Approved Installers: Golf Course Contractors with experience in the field and a commitment to excellence in all aspects of construction work, would be ideally positioned to work with us as approved installers

What Durabunker Offers:

Training, Education, Product Support, Sales and After Sales Support.

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