Durabunker Patent

Durabunker PatentIntellectual Property Rights

The Durabunker concept is protected by various IP rights, including a number of granted patents and registered designs in several international territories. These patents provide exclusive rights over the appearance and concept of building golf course bunkers having artificial grass turf layered in a staggered arrangement to form the slope of a bunker wall (see, in particular, claim 1 of the patent for full details). These Patents have been subjected to substantive examination by the International Intellectual Property Offices in several international territories. The construction of Gravity retaining structures, Cantilever Retaining Structures with Soil Stabilization is protected under these granted patents.

Ownership and Licensing Arrangements

All IP relating to bunker construction using the DURAbunker method is jointly owned (50%) by DURAbunker MD Rhydian Lewis and is used by Durabunker Limited under licence. However, please contact Durabunker Limited in the first instance regarding licensing or other business opportunities.

Granted/Accepted IP rights:

US Design Patent: Serial No. 29/408,155
Following examination by the USPTO, the above US Design Patent Application was accepted and a Notice of Grant was issued in May 2013.


Durabunker Patent


To view details of this patent use the link below in conjunction with the Application Number shown above:

International Patent: Application No. PCT/GB2011/051297

For information on the international patent above, use the link below:
European Patent Application No. 11746002.2

For more information on European Patent, use the link below:

UK Patent No. GB2490637B “Golf Course Bunker”

For more information on the above UK patent, please use the links below:

Full text as granted:

Current status:

Registered Community Design No. 001929456-0001

For more information on this Registered Community Design, input “001929456-0001” into the design number field provided in the link below:

Copies of the representations as submitted to OHIM (the Community Design Registration Office) can be made available on request. This Registered Design provides rights over the look and appearance of the Durabunker bunker throughout the European Union.

UK Registered Design No. 4016775
For more information on our UK Registered Design, input “4016775” into the design number field, provided in the link below:

The representations as submitted to the UK IPO can be inspected online via the above link. This Registered Design thus provides further rights over the look and appearance of the Durabunker bunker throughout the UK.

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