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Durabunker is a patent granted construction method that fundamentally acts as a retaining wall structure for golf course bunkers and other applications. Materials used in the Durabunker construction method consists of re-purposed synthetic turf in a tile configuration. Tiles can vary in size and structure according to variables such as site specific ground conditions, height and angle of wall and even climactic conditions. The structure of the wall itself can also vary as follows:

  1. Gravity Stacked Retaining Wall
  2. Cantilever Retaining Wall
  3. Hybrid Systems e.g. Tailed Gabion, Anchored Earth Walls

Tiles can be secured within the structure using a clean structural backfill, however soil stabilization techniques have also been integrated into our designs, using a modified backfill with a small percentage of  Porous Concrete and Cementous Grout.

We will gather specific information before recommending any variations. Factors such as freeze and thaw cycles, which can effect modified backfill, due to expansion and contraction of such backfill behind the bunker wall during such cycles, should be considered. This may, for example, lead to shearing of the modified backfill and ‘De-Bonding’ from the tiles it is designed to support, resulting in greater loads being exerted on less mass and potential of failure.

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Durabunker Adaptations

Having worked at venues that suffer extreme monsoon, typhoon and hurricane seasons, it became apparent to us that adaptations of Durabunker were required to guard against extremes of nature. We have therefore designed multiple adaptations and worked with independent structural engineers to produce specifications to give multiple options to clients. The more extreme adaptations such as use of Gabion Baskets will generally only be used in Ground Engineering applications and are more applicable to larger retaining wall systems, but are also being explored by clients in areas susceptible to severe hurricanes and other acts of nature. Adaptations on standard build include:

  • Durabunker with Porous Concrete Backfill Mix
  • Durabunker with Cementous Grout Backfill Mix
  • Durabunker with Platapus Hooks
  • Durabunker with Tensar Geogrids / Geofabric
  • Durabunker with Gabion Basket Retaining Wall

Site investigation is also available via Durabunnker Ltd with the objective to provide specific information on subsurface soil, rock, water conditions, etc. This information will then allow recommendations to be drawn up regarding design and construction options, using our engineered solutions and calculations.

For the vast majority of projects, standard recommendations will be appropriate, we are however equipped to to work with all clients to ensure the most appropriate and cost effective adaptation is made available for your specific requirements.


Engineering Specifications:

All specifications are based on calculations carried out by specialist Structural Engineers and In accordance with BS8002:2015 – Code of Practice for Earth Retaining Structures and the UK National Annex. Detailed Engineering specifications and calculations are available on request.


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