Design Styles

Design Styles

Durabunker can be adapted to various design styles, from rolling 6″ edges to 4m high walls, flat top lines to ‘Golden Age’ shaping. Our product has been utilized at all styles of golf courses, from Links to Parkland, Moorland to Heathland. We can offer a variety of finishes as follows:

  • Sod Thickness
  • Colour
  • Wall and Edge Gradients
  • Clean Finishes to Exentuate the Revetted Look
  • Edges that Naturalize Rapidly
  • Flat Sand Lines
  • Rolling Sand Lines
  • Natural Finishes Such as Peat Covered Sod


A selection of our design styles are shown below:

Traditional Pot Bunker

The iconic links style pot bunker is ideally suited to the Durabunker design. This classic links bunkering is in keeping with the traditional look of a championship links course. The steep angle of gradient of such bunkers coupled with exposure to natural elements and natural erosion is extremely problematic to most courses, requiring many man hours to maintain and often needing reconstruction on a 2 to 3 year cycle.

Durabunker overcomes these problems, offering a 20+ year life design and providing a consistent appearance that does not deteriorate over time. Durabunker offers stability and durability that results in a sustainable method of building sod wall or revetted bunkers even in climactic extremes.

Shallow Edge

Durabunker is a flexible product which can be used to offer fixed shapes, design integrity and edge stability even for shallow bunker edges. It offers architects and golf courses alike, the opportunity to build more complexity into bunker shapes without the worry of inherent maintenance burdens that come hand in hand with this type of design.

Edges can be built to expose a visual revetment of any height above the sand line, or if preferred, can be entirely buried beneath the sand to offer edge stability without the revetted look.

Baden Hills GC, Germany

The maintenance savings on edging work alone is fantastic and allows me to divert labour to other areas of the golf course. We have built both deep faces and shallow edges since 2012 and have had no stability issues and no sand contamination from crumbing edges.

Neil Shawcross, Course Manager

Deep Rolling Edge

Rolling edges are often utilized on parkland or any inland type of golf course where a visible sand line that flows with varying vertical height is central to design intent. This can be easily achieved with Durabunker, ensuring permanent fixed edges where required, offers an aesthetically pleasing yet entirely functional solution to the problem of bunker edge maintenance.

Coombe Wood GC, England

The rolling edges Durabunker designed with high and very visible sand lines have transformed the look and feel of our golf course. I didn’t appreciate what could be achieved through good design and the clean and crisp edge that moves up and down marries into the landscape of our golf course beautifully. The addition of an effective liner supplied and installed by Durabunker has resulted in virtually maintenance free bunkers.

Andy McEvoy, Course Manager

Durabunker with LinersFully Sealed Bunker Systems

The ‘Fully Sealed Bunker System’ was introduced to the market by Durabunker, combining seamless liner with Durabunker Edges. Providing good design is implemented, the results outperform any other type of bunker in the market, no contamination, no washout and virtually zero maintenance.

Durabunker has been successfully utilized in conjunction with many different liners including DURAcrumb Liner (Rubber Crumb Liner by Duabunker Ltd), Capillary Bunker Liner, Better Billy Bunker, Bunkermat, etc. We have collaborated with most leading liner companies to offer clients ‘Fully Sealed Bunker Systems’ and can offer impartial advice rather than promoting one specific liner.

Littlehampton GC, England

After 2″ of rain in under 1 hour, the results we witnessed, via the fully sealed system installed by Durabunker, were staggering. Not 1 minute of maintenance was required

Michael Mead

Fairway Bunkers

Fairway bunkers with shallow edges can also be built using our Durabunker method. Whether it’s waste bunkers with low sitting bunker lips, or higher rising sand flashed faces with rolling edges, Durabunker can be used to stabilize and offer fixed edge designs.

Pierre Fulke

We have implemented fairway bunkers having shallower edges with the synthetic material being used to define the shape and produce clear and crisp definition and greenside bunkers having slightly deeper revetted edges. We have built these types of bunker at Frosaker GC since 2012, when we introduced the product on the 9 new hole course, so we are 100% confident of the stability and durability that Durabunker offers. They also look terrific and weather to become even more natural looking. So much so that it’s virtually impossible to spot that that they are artificial!

Pierre Fulke, Golf Course Architect and former Ryder Cup player

Custom Design

We offer bunker design and consultancy services to all clients whenever and wherever required. We have undertaken a number of projects from design phase through to construction and completion, working closely with our clients at all stages of the design cycle. Our team includes experienced graphic designers who can create both hand drawn and computer generated design and 3D modelling where required.

Members of our team have also worked closely with leading golf course architects such as Nicklaus Design, Greg Norman Design, Pierre Fulke Design and Art Schaupter Golf. We have been solely responsible for design work on a number of projects across Europe. We also offer a free initial consultation across the UK with partners offering the same service in various parts of Europe and USA. Our product and our team can help you bring your vision to life.

Coloured / Treated Faces

We offer a number of different finishes to the standard look. This has been realized through acrylic paints and other more natural materials. Several colours are available and can easily be added to the finished look of teh product.

We also have options of spraying faces with a natural peat finish, through exclusive use of a patented system.

Hybrid Design

Durabunker is a flexible product which can be used to offer fixed shapes, design integrity and edge stability. It offers architects and golf courses alike, the opportunity to build more complexity into bunker shapes without the worry of inherent maintenance burdens that come hand in hand with this type of design.

Bunker faces can be a hybrid of sand splash and deeper revetment, thus eradicating instability of steeper faces and washout whilst moving away somewhat from more traditional deeper pot bunkers.

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